‘Lotus No1’ Magazine – 2010

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In the Autumn of 2010, the ‘Lotus’ magazine from Lotus Club International (LCI) that had been published for a number of years was superseded by the extravagant new, but ultimately short-lived, large-format ‘Dany Bahar’ conceived magazine under the same name, LOTUS. With only 5 issues (No1 to No5) being published over the next year or so, and only available to members of a ‘new’ club and on subscription, these would become the rarest of officially published Lotus magazines.

The first issue (No1) of this new ‘Lifestyle’ magazine featured supermodel Kate Moss on the cover and a multitude of Lotus and non-Lotus themed stories inside that included features on ‘British’ Icons including Prince Harry, Wayne Rooney, Jim Clark and of course Colin Chapman! There was also a big feature on the new but ultimately never to be seen ‘5-car’ model range announced by Dany Bahar!

This is a pretty much ‘new’ copy of this rare and collectable ‘Lotus’ publication. We can offer free shipping on 3 or more issues of any magazine.

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