With the library of images available to Coterie to use in our books growing continually it would be selfish to keep them all to ourselves. So, COTERIE IMAGES has been formed to allow access to the media, journalists and aficionados alike to enjoy and use these wonderful pieces of history.

COTERIE IMAGES now holds, and has archived the motor racing images of photographers Ian Catt, Peter Darley and William Taylor. Together with the Coterie Press Archive, the Classic Team Lotus Collection, and the Gulf McLaren archives from Polygon Marketing, which we have exclusive licence to use, we are currently able to offer over 22,500 images for you to view, search and select from on-line. Over the coming months we intend to add a further images from the Coterie Press/William Taylor Archive.

Whether it be for an article you are writing, for which you need images, researching the history of a team or car, the creation of a poster, T-shirt design or, simply a print of an image you would like for your own personal collection, we can supply images at a very reasonable cost. As publishers ourselves we understand the need for image libraries to work with a publisher on budgets and usage fees dependent on the volume and type of use of images. We are here to “work with you” on projects, so, whatever you are working on, contact us on CoterieLtd@aol.com if you need images.

If you have a collection of motor racing or automotive photographs from 1960 onwards and would like to consider including your images in this expanding division of Coterie, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always interested in looking at image collections, and either using them under licence, or to buy outright.

A NOTE ON SEARCHING. If you are looking for an image of driver Derek Bell, and simply type the words Derek Bell into the search box on the top right this page the search engine will find and display a selection of images that will include many of Derek Bell, but could also include images of, for example, Derek Warwick, Derek Daly or even Justin Bell. To view images just of Derek Bell you need to type Derek Bell  within quotation marks. Thus, typing “Derek Bell” or “derek bell” (the search facility is not case sensitive) will only bring up images of the British, five times Le Mans winner. This applies to any image you are searching for where you need to type more than a single word. If you are looking for images of the 1974 Lotus Type 76 Formula One car and simply enter Lotus 76 in the box, the search engine will display many images of the handsome bi-wing JPS car, but you will also get any Lotus image from 1976, or in fact any car from 1976. Therefore, to get nothing but images of one of Coterie’s favourite cars, you need to enter  “Lotus 76”  into the search box! Twelve images from that search will be displayed on a page and below the twelve will be an option to click on further pages. This line also shows how many pages (of 12 images) the search found.

To complete another search at any time, simply click on ‘Coterie Images’ at the top of the page and you will go back to the ‘Search’ page. Then by clicking on any one of the Categories listed in yellow the search system will bring up any image listed under that category.