The Healey Book


The Healey Book is a comprehensive history of every car and boat created by Donald and Geoff Healey between 1946 & 1978 and records for posterity their valuable contributions to motoring. The entire Healey history has been extensively researched and is displayed here using beautiful photographs, archive images, period brochures, contemporary advertisements, accurate technical data and concise histories of the development and achievements of each car. In her foreword to the book, Margot Healey states, “The legend of the Healey name continues to fascinate anyone interested in motorcars, competition racing, concourse or just driving for pleasure. Enjoy this book, surely one of the best photographic records of the many Healey inventions”. The Healey Book will not disappoint the seeker of authentic early Healey history, the automobiles of 1946-1951; Westland, Abbott, Duncan, Silverstone, even the lesser-known Alvis-Healey are all here. Included is the brief life of the joint American Nash and British Healey effort, 1950-1954, reflecting the excitement of Nash-Healey racing and the beauty of Pinin Farina design. The thousands of Austin-Healey admirers and owners will be able to enjoy the history and beauty of their favourite car produced between 1952 and 1967. All the Austin-Healey models are represented in The Healey Book: the early 100 family, including the 100M, 100S, 100-Six; the power and style of the 3000 series; the sheer driving delight of the Sprites and the fun of the early Frogeye models. The later Healey years are not overlooked, the Jensen-Healey automotive era is a story of efforts to adjust and achieve for both companies and the possibilities of a Healey Rolls Royce and a Healey Fiesta are also included. For the lover of competition and speed, the book presents the historic racing results of all models and the speed records achieved by the cars and personal effort of Donald Healey. Parallel to the cars, Healey Marine Ltd. actively pursued the creation of stylish and fast Sports Boats for those who sought their pleasure on the waterways rather than the roadways.

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What The Press Say

For any Healey aficionado worth the label, ownership of this book is non-negotiable. The only decision you need to make is whether to go for the standard edition or the limited edition with its slipcase and silver foil Healey badge. Every car and boat created by Donald and Geoff Healey between 1946 and 1978 is in here beautifully photographed. CLASSIC CARS – September 2002