Ferrari Racecars 1966-1983

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Ferrari Racecars: 1966-1983 is the first in a new six-book series. This 9×9-inch, 124-page soft-cover, all colour book, features over 150
stunning never-before seen images from the Coterie Images archive. Taken by motor sports photographer Ian Catt, the historic images are an accumulation of 20 years of being at the right place at the right time, and the very essence of both Formula 1 and World Championship Sportscar racing. Working for a leading sponsor Ian had the chance to capture the cars both in motion, as well as in the pits and paddock, where he could ‘get up close’ to both the cars and drivers.

This, the first in a new series of books from Coterie, is a must for any Ferrari or race fan. Superb design, layout, and high-quality reproduction are backed up by the very best in automotive images, to drool over and share with like-minded friends. In fact we have made it so affordable you may as well buy them a copy too.

  • ISBN978-1-902351-45-2
  • Size9x9in (22x22cm)
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