The Best Job in the World – Limited Edition

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Coterie Press are pleased and excited to have put together a special deal with Swiss publisher Hubelhouse, and the author Matthias Pfannmuller to co-publish this title in the USA. Coterie Press will be the exclusive importer of this very special title into the USA and are thus allocated copies of the Balboni signed Limited Edition. There will only be 100 of the 300 special signed and numbered Limited Editions produced, imported to the USA. This edition, features a distinctive blue cover rather than the black cover on the standard edition and has a metal book plate on the back of the book, which features the book edition number. The book is signed by Valentino on the title page. They are sure to sell out quickly.

Valentino Balboni was never just another test-driver. He worked for Automobili Lamborghini, and for over four decades spent most of his time behind the steering wheel. The man himself has long since become a legend. While documenting the heady years he spent working at Lamborghini, this book talks about his colleagues, the disasters and the myths that surround this full speed brand from northern Italy.

As we predicted, this edition of Best Job in the World did in fact sell out in less than a month: As of today Feb 17th 2021 we are listing one copy (#104) that we just found hiding on a shelf in our storeroom for sale. If you have been wanting a copy, don’t hesitate!!!

  • ISBN978-3-9524370-1-8
  • Size12x8in (32x20cm)
  • US Price$350.00 + $12.95 p&p;
  • UK Price£275.00 + £75.00 p&p;
  • EU Price£275.00 + £75.00 p&p;
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