‘Lotus No2’ Magazine – 2011

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In the Autumn of 2010, the ‘Lotus’ magazine from Lotus Club International (LCI) that had been published for a number of years was superseded by the extravagant new, but ultimately short-lived, large-format ‘Dany Bahar’ conceived magazine under the same name, LOTUS. With only 5 issues (No1 to No5) being published over the next year or so, and only available to members of a ‘new’ club and on subscription, these would become the rarest of officially published Lotus magazines.

The second, Spring 2011, issue (No2) of this new ‘Lifestyle’ magazine featured two LA supermodels and a ‘new’ Esprit on the cover and a multitude of Lotus and non-Lotus themed stories inside. These included features on Matt Damon, Julia Roberts and a photo essay the ‘Lotus’- Renault Formula 1 car. The ‘feature’ story on the Esprit and semi-naked modelsshot in LA received a lot of, err, comment!!!

This is a pretty much ‘new’ copy of this ultra rare, collectable and in the case of this issue controversial ‘Lotus’ publication. We can offer free shipping on 3 or more issues of any magazine.

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