Lotus Type 15 Brochure (1958)


This 6-page, 9×6-inch brochure for the Lotus Type 15 is one of the early sales brochures produced by Lotus Cars, or rather Lotus Engineering Co. as it still was at that point.

Produced in 1958 the brochure was produced for Lotus Engineering Co. Ltd. and printed by A. G. Wood Ltd. The front cover features the Type 15, and the back cover has the specifications of the car. The inside cover has a brief history of the car and the remaining pages have specifications and performance features for the Type 15.

This copy of this incredibly rare Lotus brochure is no almost 70-years old and in excellent condition. It has been ‘used’ but well looked after. It has a small scribble on the back cover, but it does not make any of the information illegible.

  • Size9x6in (23x15cm)
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