Evora Cup Brochure (2010)

This 12x8in two-sided Evora Cup brochure published in 2010 by Group Lotus is in excellent condition and is a rare find. The front pictures the car and the back covers all of the specifications of the car in detail.

Evora Cup/GT4 Brochure (2010)

This luxury 12-page brochure was published in 2010 by Group Lotus for the Lotus Evora Cup/GT4. The brochure is in excellent condition and pictures the car in detail as well as including all of the cars specifications. It is a very rare brochure and a must have for any Lotus Evora Cup/GT4 owner.

Evora GT4 Brochure (2010)

This 12x8in two-sided Evora GT4 brochure published in 2010 is in perfect condition and a rare find. The brochure has a stunning photo of the low production racecar on the front and all the technical specifications on the back.

Evora GTE Brochure (2010)

This 12x8in two-sided Evora GTE brochure is in excellent condition. It was published by Lotus in 2010. The front of the brochure pictures the car whilst the back has all of the cars technical specifications.

Evora True Character Brochure (2009)

This 11×9-inch, landscape format, two-sided brochure of the Evora, published in 2009, is in great condition. It has some photos and show car specifications on the back.

Evora-True Character in a Faceless World (2009)

This was the first promotional material released by Lotus Cars on the new Lotus Evora. The 4-sided, 8×12-inch brochure launched before the first cars were available featured CAD drawings of the first Evora styling designs.

Exige Brochure Set (2006)

This is very rare and unusual brochure/pack for the 2006 Lotus Exige. The 12-page, wide-format brochure also has a flap on the back page in which are inserted 7 double-sided sheets with information about The Exige, the Exige S, Lotus Warranty, Accessories, the Touring Pack, Sport Pack and even a very rare Lotus Colour Chart.

EXOS Experience (Lotus Type 125) Brochure

Here we have a rarely seen, 2-sided brochure for the Lotus ‘Exos Experience’, or you could say, the Lotus Type 125 Formula 1 inspired Track Car. The front shows the T125 in black & gold promo livery rather than the more familiar green/yellow livery it was often seen in. The reverse side of the sheet… Read More

Lotus LV 240 Engine Leaflet (1969)

This double-sided leaflet for the Lotus LV240 engine is about as rare as the engine itself. The dhoc power-unit was developed by Lotus for use in the Type 62 Sports Racer that is pictured on the reverse side of the 12×9-inch leaflet. Based on a Vauxhall engine block the all-Lotus power unit would go on… Read More