Lotus The Legend by David Hodges

This 80-page, hard-back book published in 1997 covers various types of Lotus cars and their specifications from the early Mk6 through to the first Elise models in 1997, as well as useful information on the cars and colour photos. The book itself is in good condition with minimal wear to the book jacket along the… Read More

Lotus The Sports Racing Cars by Anthony Pritchard

Anthony Pritchard’s informative text combines with extracts from test reports in the magazines of the day and a wealth of contemporary photographs to make a book as lively and exciting as the cars themselves. This hard cover book is in very good condition with minor wear to the book jacket and the hard cover underneath… Read More

Lotus The Sports, GT and touring cars by Chris Harvey

A rare original copy of Lotus A Competition Survey of the Sports, GT & Touring Cars by Chris Harvey pub 1980. Has 192 pages covering the history, drivers, cars and their separate editions of all Lotus sports cars etc. from Colin Chapman’s early days starting Lotus till the Sunbeam Lotus, including drivers names and events… Read More

Lotus Twin-Cam Engine by Miles Wilkins

This is a 1990 copy of the first edition published in 1988. The comprehensive guide to the design, development, restoration and maintenance of the Lotus-Ford Twin-cam engine as used in the Elan, Europa, Lotus-Cortina and Ford Twin-Cam Escorts was written by Twin-cam expert Miles Wilkins. With over 250 photographs and full specifications, the book is… Read More

LOTUS: The Elite, Elan, Europa by Chris Harvey

1982 Publication from Haynes in the UK. This is a copy of the First Edition that was reprinted in 1989 with a different jacket. 234 Pages with plenty of B&W images and 16 pages of colour images. Hard Cover with jacket. This book gives a wealth of technical detail along with history, anecdotes, practical advice,… Read More

Memories of Ronnie Peterson

This unique hard cover book was published in 2008 by Poletext. The book is 9×9 and in very good condition. The book is full of recollections by and pictures of people who were part of Ronnie Peterson’s successful racing career. It is a great read and a must have for any Ronnie Peterson fan.

Team Lotus The Indianapolis Years by Andrew Ferguson

This rare hard cover book published in 1996 is an account of how the small British Team Lotus took the mighty Indianapolis establishment, from the initial European participation in 1961-2 through to 1969. The book gives an insider’s account of the dramatic era, and details case histories of each of the 25 cars built. The… Read More

The Lotus & Caterham Sevens by Jeremy Coulter

This 145-page, hard cover book with jacket published by MRP in 1986 is extensively illustrated, packed with deeply researched reference material on almost all the Seven models and produced in high quality. It offers car enthusiasts, owners and collectors a reference library for their particular model of car. The book is in good condition but… Read More

The Lotus by Graham Robson

Since motoring began, enthusiastic amateur car builders have experimented with collecting and re-assembling components, notably chassis, engines and suspension units, to create highly personalised, sometimes transient and frequently unique vehicles. This small paper back book published in 1993 tells the story of some of these hybrid machines, many of which achieved sporting success, and their… Read More