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WHEELS: A Passion for Collecting Cars

WHEELS: A PASSION FOR COLLECTING CARS, which was published in April 2005 by Harry N. Abrams Inc, is a 240-page book. With 300 stunning images in full color, it is an exciting glimpse into a world of truly exceptional men and their amazing collections.

World-class cars are the objects of desire for a special breed of automobile enthusiast; collectors who are as passionate about their cars as others may be about paintings, stamps, or watches. In this thrilling tour of eleven of the greatest private automobile collections in the world, readers are given rare access to an amazing realm that is rarely open to the public.

WHEELS: A PASSION FOR COLLECTING CARS celebrates these incredible collections along with the devoted car lovers who have amassed them. Writer Stuart Leuthner, and photographer William Taylor are the tour guides to this unique world, where successful men tell their personal stories of both their car obsession, and the entrepreneurship or talent that allowed them to indulge their passion. Profiles of men and machines include best-selling author Clive Cussler, who spent his first royalty checks to launch his collection; microcar aficionado Bruce Weiner, whose collection of (and affection for) the diminutive vehicles, often called bubble cars, resulted in the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum; and Gordon Apker, former gas station attendant, who reminisces about his journey from grease monkey to successful entrepreneur and car collector are just three of the collectors featured.

Photographed on location in the exceptional environments their owners have created for them are rare custom models and elegant 1930s town cars, sexy postwar European exotics, fabulously finned 1950s cruisers, Formula One racecars and more.
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What the Press say

Author Stuart Leuthner and Photographer William Taylor have set out to give the reader a look at some of the most exclusive private car collections in the world, as well as insights into the men who have created them. Excellent photography and design.


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