Lotus, Ltd. Calendar 2022

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Coterie Press are pleased to announce the second Lotus Limited wall alendar. The 32-page, 12×9-inch, 15-month, 2022 calendar is now ready for shipping and certainly in plenty of time to start using the calendar on December 1st, or to hide away for a Christmas present for all your friends and family.

The calendar covers the 15-months from December 2021 through to February 2023. The cover and each of the 15 months feature stunning images of club members cars that were sent over the year. The final page of the calendar has images of all the cars that came close but unfortunately didn’t make the main pages.

This is a calendar to be used, and although there are no upcoming ‘events’ listed by date (we’re sure you can understand why) except the Lotus, Ltd. LOG 41 event in September of 2022. Each day has ample space to write in what is happening in your world and opens up to a full 12×18-inches that shows the car image as well as the month. Public Holidays and Important dates that aren’t subject to change have been listed, as well as an increased number of significant Lotus Anniversaries that we thought you might like to know about.

Please be aware that 100% of the sales value of each calendar will go to Lotus, Ltd.

The price of $15 + $3.50 shipping is for orders of 1-2 copies. For orders of 3 or more copies in the USA, the shipping charge will still show as $3.50 but will actually cost the club a little more, so we would appreciate you letting us contact you via email to agree a small additional charge depeending on how many copies you order.

Please also note that for orders shipping to Canada we need to charge additional shipping dependent on how many copies you order.

Orders can be made by clicking on your region (in yellow) just to the right of here, or direct and in person using a credit-card through our office on +1 303-933-2526

  • ISBNn/a
  • Size12x9in (30x23cm)
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  • EU Price£12.75 + £11.95 p&p;
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