Black & Gold – Emerson Fittipaldi Edition


As well as the fabulous 316-page ‘Standard’ Edition of Black & Gold by Johnny Tipler that contains over 750 images, there are two leather-bound “Special” editions of the book available. Each of the ‘Special Editions’ is numbered and autographed by the Clive Chapman, the publisher William Taylor, as well as by one of two racing legends. The Emerson Fittipladi Special Edition books (of just 72 copies) are autographed by Emerson Fittipaldi, who won the Formula 1 title in 1972, the first year of the JPS program (he drove the Lotus Type 72.) Or you can order one of 79 copies signed by Mario Andretti, who, in 1978, won the Formula 1 title driving the Lotus Type 79. This is the Mario Andretti Special Edition.

The “Special” Edition comes in a deluxe clamshell case, with a 2.25-inch diameter enamel/metal JPS nose-badge set in a recess on the front of the leather-bound book. These badges are a faithfull reproduction of the badges that were used on the nose of all the JPS Formula 1 cars.

  • ISBN978-1-902351-64-3
  • Size11x11in (27x27cm)
  • US Price$250 + $7.95 p&p;
  • UK Price£195 + £6.95 p&p;
  • EU Price£195 + £19.95 p&p;