Lotus Sport 110 Bike Brochure (1994)

This 8x12in 2-sided brochure for the Lotus Sport 110 bike was printed and published in 1994. It is in great condition and features all of the Lotus Road Bike’s specifications on the back.

Lotus Type 15 Brochure (1958)

This 6-page, 9×6-inch brochure for the Lotus Type 15 is one of the early sales brochures produced by Lotus Cars, or rather Lotus Engineering Co. as it still was at that point. Produced in 1958 the brochure was produced for Lotus Engineering Co. Ltd. and printed by A. G. Wood Ltd. The front cover features… Read More

Sunbeam-Lotus (Type 81) Brochure (1979)

This 4-page brochure for the Type 81 Sunbeam-Lotus was produced by Talbot Cars (the parent company of Sunbeam in the UK) in 1979.

Team Lotus 50th Anniversary Celebration Programme (2004)

This 16-page, large format (9x11in) event programme for the Team Lotus Celebrations held at Hethel in 2004 features information on the history of Team Lotus as well as Classic Team Lotus. All with plenty of photographic images as well as some cool illustrations.

The Evora Booklet (2012)

This very rare and beautifully produced, 48-page, 8×6-inch booklet published in 2012 for the Evora range covers all the 2012 Evora models with full specifications and information on the ‘Options’ packages available as well as colour charts, etc. It also has a brief history of Team Lotus and its successes.

The Evora Range Brochure (2010)

This high-gloss, 12-page booklet on the Evora range was published in mid-2010 with the Lotus Cars ref code: LOTVS05263