Lotus Elite 1957-1964 Brooklands Book Series

This soft-cover Brooklands Lotus Elite book covers the Type 14 models produced between 1957 & 1964 and is a collection of Period Magazine Articles and Road Test Reports, all in 100-pages. With 100 pages, more than 120 photo’s / illustrations and 39 magazine articles 11 of which are road tests. Other items cover driving impressions,… Read More

Lotus Esprit The Story So Far (Mini Edition) by William Taylor

This soft-cover, 32-page, 6x6in mini version of ‘Lotus Esprit The Story So Far’, was published by Coterie Press in 2003. Produced exclusively for Lotus Cars, it gives a taste of the large-format, full size edition of ‘The Story so Far’with a brief history of Lotus and the Elise, as well as more in depth information… Read More

Lotus Esprit Turbo by John Simister

This hard cover book published in 1989 gives a brief history of Lotus and the original Esprit. It also describes the Esprit today and how it has evolved in design leading to the Esprit Turbo. The publication includes drawings and diagrams of the Esprit and its engine. The book is a rare find and a… Read More

Lotus Heritage by Ian Adcock

This 144-page, 8×9-inch, soft cover book in the Osprey Classic Marques series was written by Ian Adcock in 1995 and contains information on just about all the different Lotus models through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. With high quality colour photos and detailed captions. This 1995 book is in great condition and is what… Read More

Lotus on the Hills

This collectible softback book published in 1998 is a must have for owners- past, present and future of all Lotus cars, plus all hill climb drivers and enthusiasts. This book has an in depth collection of photographs of Lotus cars of all models, in action on the hills and at sprints from 1950 – 1997…. Read More

Lotus Racing Cars 1948-1968 by John Tipler

This hard cover book is the first volume of two books illustrating the history and telling the exciting story of these pioneering cars. A fascinating insight into the evolution of Lotus racing and into the brilliant early career of Colin Chapman himself. Published in 2000, the book is like new, in fact … it is… Read More

Lotus Seven and Caterham

This 8x9in book was published by Osprey books in 1994. The book is good condition and is a must have for all Lotus Seven & Caterham owners and enthusiasts. The book covers the Lotus Seven series one, two, three and four as well as Caterham production.

Lotus Since the 70s Volume 1: Elite, Eclat, Excel and Elan by Graham Robson

This 128-page hard-cover version in this book series contains model-by-model technical descriptions on the Lotus models from the Type 75 Elite through to the M100 Elan. It explains design and development features, discusses performance and equipment levels, and where appropriate, talks about competition activities as well as providing ownership guidance. The book is in great… Read More

LOTUS The Complete Story by Chris Harvey

1982 Publication from Foulis/Haynes in the UK. This is a copy of the Second 1985 reprinted Edition. 136 Pages with B&W images. Hard Cover with jacket showing Colin Chapman on the Grid at Brands Hatch. Rare copy of one of the Foulis mini marque history series featuring single seaters, F1,  Sports Cars & Road Cars…. Read More