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The Lotus Book Series 2

THE LOTUS BOOK first published in July 1998 was completely sold out in less than five months, making it the fastest selling single Marque book of the year. Combining as it did unique new material with archive photographs, period brochures, contemporary advertisements, accurate technical data and concise histories of each car, it was, said Clive Chapman, "A worthy testament to the talents of Colin Chapman and all who played a part in the great Lotus adventure."

The updated edition of this best-seller, THE LOTUS BOOK SERIES 2, was published in January of 1999 and featured new photography of some cars (Type 94T), as well as updated archive images of several other cars. As with the first edition, this edition of "The Lotus Bible" is now also out of print.
  • ISBN978-1-902351-00-1
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What the Press say

If you want to know about any Lotus car, be it road, Formula racer or sports car, they are all here. The book's author William Taylor, has photographed an example of every available Lotus and even if some are in less than brilliant condition - notably the Lotus 42 Indycar which would not be unkindly described as a wreck - this actually lends more than a certain charm to the book. The text is enjoyable and informative but only descends into the most shallow technical detail. This work is not a restorer's guide, more an end to end celebration of the breed, and in its execution this shows. This is a well-written and attractive look at Lotus and all these counts, it does just that.
MOTORSPORT – March 1999


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