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The Lotus Book Series 1

This is the first (and still) only complete story of the first 50 years of Lotus Cars. It is a comprehensive record of every Lotus Type Number and model ever produced by Lotus. From the Mark 1 trials car, through some of the most innovative, controversial and technically advanced competition cars the world has seen, to the then latest road going supercars such as the Type 115, they were all there in this first edition of "THE BIG YELLOW BOOK" as it know as by everybody at Lotus Cars!

With high-quality colour photography recording each and every Lotus design built from 1948 to 1998, THE LOTUS BOOK was first published in July of 1998. With rave reviews in almost every automotive publication, this ground-breaking, superlative, 256-page, 12x12 inch (300x300mm), hard bound book, was sold out by the end of the year!

Check out the latest version of "The Big Yellow Book" with LOTUS The Marque 
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What the Press say

The genius behind Colin Chapman's legendary Lotus cars is presented for the first time in its entirety in this imposing volume. This book has officially been sanctioned by Chapman's family to commemorate the marque's 50th anniversary this year. Driven by his passion for the cars, professional photographer and Lotus owner William Taylor set himself the task of chronicling every model, from the Spartan Austin Seven-derived MkI, to the 1997 Type 115 Elise-based GT1 racer. That tough assignment became a four-year labour of love. Taylor scoured the world to track down and commit the more obscure cars to film. Eventually, he completed the set, his wonderfully-lit images forming the backbone of a fascinating work. The stories - told warts and all (not all Lotuses earned rave reviews from the likes of Jim Clark) - provide entertaining insights into the cars and the characters behind them. For the technically minded there are some excellent reference sections. The book is peppered with archive material and beautifully laid out, so much so that I couldn't put it down. That the book was co-funded and published by it's debutant author consolidates a wonderful achievement. Buy one to use, and another to display.
AUTOSPORT – September 1998


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