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Lotus The Early Years


LOTUS THE EARLY YEARS tells the story of the creation of Lotus by the group of people who worked alongside Colin Chapman, Michael Allen, Nigel Allen and Hazel Williams, at the very beginning of an epic saga.

This 208-page, 11x11 inch hardback book, covers the years 1951–1954 and contains over 250 period photographs, as well as several specially commissioned illustrations that explain some of the technicalities of the early Lotus designs. Author Peter Ross gives us a detailed account of his personal experiences and involvement in the building of the early Lotus cars, and through the diary that he kept during this period, he has been able to reflect on some of the more intimate moments of this great adventure.

In collaboration with Michael & Nigel Allen as well as the late Adam Currie, this book chronicles the humble beginnings of a company that would grow to become world beaters in almost all forms of motorsport. It is a must for anyone with an interest in Lotus and the desire to know the true stories of how it all started.
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What the Press say

So many books have been written about Lotus and it's founder Colin Chapman that it must be quite difficult to find a new slant. But this book certainly does because, as it's title suggests, it concentrates on the early stages of the marque and that means pre-1954. The author focuses on the early trials cars, the initial models made for 750 ad 1172cc racing classes, the MkVI, the Clairmonte Special and the first of the streamliners - the VII (or P3 as the prototype was known). But it's a lot more than the cars, it's the people too. The author was very much involved himself at the time and has made contact with many of the band of volunteers which got the marque off the ground, supplementing that with diaries and other recollections. All of this is contained in a very high quality production with lots of photos which are real highlights. A wonderful book.


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