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Lotus Seven & The Independents


LOTUS SEVEN & THE INDEPENDENTS is a must for all Seven & Lotus enthusiasts. It covers the life and times of this "four wheeled motorbike" from it’s conception to the present day. Detailing for the first time the many seven derivatives that have been manufactured the world over, it is the result of two decades of research by the author about a car that was too good to let die.

It is ironic that such a huge industry was born and thrived simply because Colin Chapman lost interest in his creation. LOTUS SEVEN & THE INDEPENDENTS is all about that industry and starts with an overview of the Lotus Seven Series that inspired all of this devotion. The body of the work however, details 80 known builders in 17 countries, 'The Independents'. While individual differences are discussed in the text this book delves into the history of each manufacturer. In some cases their stories read like an adventure novel complete with heroes and villains and high drama. In every case their enthusiasm for this special kind of automobile is enormous and judging from the vast numbers of competitors, highly contagious. Equally so is the excitement, which borders on fanaticism, exhibited by their owners.

LOTUS SEVEN & THE INDEPENDENTS is a 9x9 inch hard back book with 208 colour pages printed on high quality paper. There is superb photography and a technical specification panel on almost every car described and the appendix contains a comprehensive directory of the 'Seven builders' as well as copies of court legal proceedings between some of the builders who have had disputes. Take care when you read this book. Like the author, you might just be compelled to get behind the wheel of a Seven of your very own.

JUNE 2014:
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What the Press say

This thoroughly researched 208 page text covers the history of the original Lotus Seven and 65 independent Seven-inspired sports cars from manufacturers operating in 15 countries. The sheer scale of the industry is testimony to the impact that Colin Chapman's seminal 'four wheeled motorcycle' made on the automotive world. One read of this great book and you'll be after one yourself.
CLASSIC CARS – June 2004


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